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Goldrush unit of work
Use to compare the three gold rush websites for suitability.

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The evolution of gold mining
The methods of gathering gold changed rapidly as the 'easy pickings' disappeared. Tools were invented at a rapid rate as miners from all over sought new and more effective means of mining the ore. Here is a look at three basic stages in the evolution of gold mining.
Early gold mining methods
From Sierra Foothills Magazine - with re-enactment photographs.

Eureka weblinks

Bendigo petition
From the State Library of Victoria. Drawn up in mid-1853, the petition was signed by over 5000 diggers on the Victorian goldfields who were angry about the mining licence fees imposed by the government and the system by which they were collected. Primary source.
Gold webquest activities
From Graceville State School, Queensland.
From the National Musem of Australia Canberra. Interactive.
Take yourself back to the Ballarat goldfields of 1865 and mine for gold. Your mission is to use limited financial resources to select and buy food, shelter and other requirements related to gold mining at the time to complete a successful dig.
Samuel Lazarus' diary
From the State Library of Victoria. Samuel Lazarus' diary contains one of the few eyewitness accounts of the Eureka uprising at Ballarat, Victoria in December 1854. Primary source.
Unit of work - GOLD
Uses Mulitple Intelligences and Bloom's taxonomy. From NSW Country Areas Program
From SBS. Explore the impact of the gold rushes on Australia and uncover the stories of the diggers at SBS GOLD! The topics ...detail the varied results of the gold rushes on the young colonies of Australia, and use newspapers, diaries and memoirs to uncover the personal experiences of those caught up in the rush. Uses a rich visual database and interactivity
Eureka! The rush for gold!
From the State Library of NSW.
"The gold rushes and the diggers who worked the goldfields are etched into Australian folklore. Follow the story of the people who sought the glittering prize."
Gold webquest
From Kidcyber. You will write either a detailed journal of your days at the diggings, or a series of detailed letters home to your family telling them about your life on the goldfields.
Gold Rush images
From the National Library of Australia "Picture Australia" website.